Care Instructions

Ivy Shores jewellery has been designed and made with love. To ensure that your beautiful collections last for as long as possible, we highly recommend you follow the below care instructions. 



All Ivy Shores pieces are boxed in our signature white case and individual linen pouch unless requested otherwise. We offer at checkout for you to make note if you would like to only receive one larger signature box when ordering several items to reduce packaging and environment impact.



We recommend removing your jewellery when you shower or swim (chlorinated or sea water) as moisture will damage your pieces. Avoid spraying perfume and applying creams directly on your jewellery. This will ensure that your pieces last for as long as possible. We also recommend removing your jewellery while exercising. Some items are intentionally crafted to be delicate, dainty and fragile and need to be shown a level of love in it’s care.



Sterling silver or 14k gold filled pieces can be cleaned using a polishing cloth or a jewellery cleansing solution. Do not use tissue paper or paper towels. 

Our gold filled hardware consists of an alloy (sterling silver) and 14k solid gold. Please note that because gold filled jewellery is not pure gold or silver, it will tarnish over time. However, with appropriate care, gold filled jewellery will last much longer than lower quality alloys such as gold plated. For our clearance gold plated items, it is best to only use a jewellery polishing cloth.



When not being worn always store your jewellery in a safe, dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. We recommend carefully storing your jewellery in the provided Ivy Shores white box. This will ensure your jewels do not oxidise, tarnish or tangle 



If you experience any allergic symptoms, please discontinue the use of our jewellery immediately and consult your physician. Although uncommon, some users may experience a reaction to certain types of metals. Ivy Shores will not be held accountable or responsible for any reactions experienced and will not be able to offer any refunds or exchanges if such circumstances arise.



A little tender love and care will go a long way. We hope you enjoy wearing our pieces over many seasons to come.

For any other queries regarding the care of our items, email us with your order number via