A New Chapter for Ivy Shores: Our Re-launch Story

image of katrina smiling wearing the bella earrings

I am beyond excited to let you all know that Ivy Shores has re-opened its doors!

A lot has happened over the past two years, but first, let me tell you why Ivy Shores dropped off the face of the earth.

Like many, I initially closed the doors to Ivy Shores due to the impacts of covid. My husband and I's day-to-day job security was on the line, our mental health suffered while living in a tiny studio in Sydney, and a part of me simply felt wrong trying to push products on people while devastation surrounded us. The stress of the situation got the better of me, eventually leading to flicking the switch off on Ivy Shores. I wasn't thrilled about it, but was feeling the wrath of that god awful beast.

Fast forward a year, my husband and I packed up our lives after making the decision to move up to Newcastle, NSW. We’re country bumpkins at heart, but still need to be in a city hub to continue pursuing our careers. It’s a happy medium and a very welcome change of pace.

Instead of rushing into re-launching Ivy Shores I took the opportunity to sit down and think about the business I had created. I felt as though I had set off on the wrong path initially, I had sucked the joy out of what I was doing. I wasn't involved in the one thing I really enjoy, that I've been doing since I was 10 years old... and that's designing and making jewellery myself. With this, I had a strong desire to create a level of consistency across my products. To be confident in the craftsmanship and the materials being used.

I sat down and planned out what I wanted Ivy Shores to be, ultimately making the decision to pivot the business and start getting creative again. Over the past year I have been chipping away at Ivy Shores, in amongst planning an incredible wedding. I have now landed in a place where I'm ready to step into this venture of mine. I am thrilled and proud to say that our pieces are now handmade by yours truly, in our humble little home in Newcastle, NSW.

I have launched with a bespoke range of earrings with new designs in the pipeline, so watch this space. I am selling old stock on the website at discounted prices, jump on and check out the clearance items section while stocks last.

Have a squiz, say hello. I can't wait to start interacting with you all again. It’s been too long!

- Katrina x

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